Exage won the bid for Polase Sport’s social strategies

Following a tender Polase Sport has chosen EXAGE S.p.A. as a new partner for the design and implementation of its Social Media Communication.

In particular, the company led by Simone Angeli will deal with strategy and content production for the Facebook and Instagram pages, together with the management of social adv focused campaigns in 2017.

Polase Sport’s aim is strengthening its brand in the sports salt products market, increasing their consumers’ involvement. Exage’s answer was a strategy that could be adapted to all of the social channels, supporting the promotion campaign presented in the participant pharmacies: the promotion allows to enjoy an activity that can be chosen in a list of around 1.200 sport activities by buying a box of the product.

The brand will be described on social channels through videos, images, daily stories and adventures, in complete accord with the communication activities that will also distinguish the other Polase Sport’s proprietary platforms. The campaign results will be constantly monitored on a qualitative and quantitative basis in order to improve strategy and contents maximising investments.