Value Partners & Exage, debut in the Far East!

During the last week of August, VP and Exage kicked-off their first joint project in the Asia Pacific Region.

The stage of this debut is Thailand, called by its inhabitants the Land of Free (Thai = Free) as it was never colonized, but known all over the world as the Land of Smiles.
However there is not so much to smile there in Bangkok, as the VP-Exage team, partnering with a local firm, is helping the most important Bank of the Country to develop its 5-year strategic plan.

While the VP arm, consisting of Adriano Giaquinta and Rui Wang from the Hong Kong office, is taking care of conducting a customer segmentation and commercial offer redesign, the Exage squad composed of Luca Lanza, Marco De Bellis and Alessandro Stornelli is responsible for the critical Digital Enablement stream, that encompasses the digital roadmap definition, quick win solution identification, and most prominently business analytics and big data capability introduction.

The Board of Directors and its Chairman, the Thai Minister of Finance, as well as the CEO have great expectations on this project, which is seemingly the largest in the history of the bank. They expect to achieve strategic change, innovation and positive disruption, and our team is certainly well equipped to fulfil this objective, despite the strict local financial regulation, some (Adriano would say many) meetings in Thai language and the overwhelming Bangkok traffic!

Good luck to our guys on the ground, don’t forget to bring us back some pad thai dishes and statues of the Buddha.