Exage @ TAG Innovation School for event “Late Night: Experience and Digital Transformation”

The digital evolution is an issue of which it talk on the tables of corporate strategy, both large corporations and small and medium-sized companies.

The awareness of a more mature and structured approach to digital transformation today allows us to leave behind the revolutionary character of terms such as “Digital Disruption”.
Indeed, not all businesses need revolution, but all businesses need knowledge and skills to identify the opportunities that these new dynamics enable and benefit from.

One of these great opportunities is to exploit digital tools and channels not only to create innovation, but to create a deeper and lasting relationship with its customers and consumers.

Hoang Huynh, Exage’s Head of Service and Experience Design, was a guest of the TAG Innovation School at the “Late Night: Experience and Digital Transformation” event to explain not only what is happening today on the digital scene, but also how fundamental it is for every company that wants to be significant today, to have the purpose to supply engaging, qualitative and distinctive customer/user experiences.

“At the base of every business, digital or not, there is a relationship between people: experience is to carry on this relationship with a handshake instead of a slap.”

The appointment with Hoang took place on March 14 from 19.00 to 20.30 at the TAG Innovation School c/o Talent Garden Milano Calabiana.