DDD – Digital Design Days 2018

Digital Design Days is an event dedicated to digital innovation. It includes exclusive conferences, professional workshops, digital showcases, installations and many networking activities.

DDD brings together the best Italian and international designers, creatives, entrepreneurs & technological innovators, visionary storytellers and innovative thinkers, who inspire, teach and guide us to face the challenges and opportunities that the digital world poses to the near future .

During the 3 days, Exage took part in the event to follow the evolution of digital transformation and record the most important innovations, to try to anticipate the next big idea.

The future of digital payments – Simple, very fast & secure.

We are moving towards a future of cashless payments. To make this future more reachable and tangible it is important to design services and systems that are simple, fast and safe.

To revolutionize the concept of payment we need to start embracing new technologies. By adopting new forms of mobile payments, new types of credit cards and card readers will allow us to simplify the lives of merchants and consumers.

Create projects with high viral content? We need the right idea.

Sometimes we forget that behind any viral content, there is a concept that is viral itself. What are the feelings that a truly viral idea must inspire in people? It must create wonder and amazement, but at the same time it has to be weird, shocking and entertaining.

For example, a dog coat made of LED light customizable from your phone via an app, or a hyper-realistic doll of Lady Gaga from which is possible to listen to her latest album by resting your head against her body, or a running track where you can compete against your “ghost”

“Create weird & wonderful experiences by combining design & technology”

The importance of research – know your target as yourself.

While designing a service or a product intended for a specific target it is important to spend as much time as possible on analysing the users and their relationship with the product. It is not enough to just do interviews. You must listen, record and live through the experience through the eyes of your target, beyond the product and the brand itself.

Only after you have understood every aspect and every need of the target in depth, you can start designing, always being in contact with the users and testing the product at every possible step.

The internal side projects: A true driving force.

The internal side projects are vital for digital agency & consultancy. They not only increase the internal knowledge allowing the team to experiment and increase their skills, but also bring visibility to the company itself by making productive use of their time.

“The best projects are self-initiated”

Take the strategy as foundation, learn from the best, take a nap

The key to a successful project is to start from a solid strategy and follow it in every single step of your design process.

Make sure to continuously test your product, each step of the way, searching for pain points rather than asking users what they like. You don’t need to push them to do things, you need to inspire them.

And don’t forget to take a nap, sometimes.

The web is a powerful tool to realize your ideas, as silly as they may be

Sometimes an idea can seem too silly or too gross to even talk about.

Mr.Bingo showed us how all it took to transform an idea into something known worldwide was just to talk (and rap) about it on the internet.

WebVR and WebAR are easier and easier to access from mobile, the web is the way to go

Today it is easier than ever to navigate complex 3D models from your mobile devices, To load and render them fast and on the go, all inside the browser.

WebAR and WebVR are the next logical step and, even better, they don’t even require a dedicated app.

“We work hard because the future belongs to those who work hard for it today”